Don Howard Custom Caricature Gallery - Psycho Siggi and the Crazy Bunch

Don Howard Studios is not limited to just creating custom caricatures for customers in the United States--if you have a PC and a PayPal account, we can accomodiate you!


We - that's my brother and me - would be very much interested in one of your custom caricatures as a birthday present for our father.  As for a scenario idea, we came up with the notion of having us drawn as a classic rock'n'roll band from the 50s.  Many thanks in advance,

Thomas Plischke,


Dear Dorothy,
First of all let me thank you and Howard again for the great job you two did. It's a fantastic caricature and turned out just great!  Siegbert was very happy (and very amused) by the caricature and therefore asked us to pass on his warmest thanks and regards to you as well.

Many thanks again,
Ole (on behalf of Thomas, Volker und Siegbert as well)

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