Don Howard Custom Caricatures - Dave Schnell

The following is a testimonial from Don's A #1 Fan, Dave Schnell, in Amherst, NY. 

Dave commissioned Don to draw a Custom Caricature of his father, Richard Schnell, who was a WWII POW in one of the Stalag Lufts in Europe.

"Don, the caricature of my Dad came today and you did a fantastic job as always..I love the work, you "captured" him perfectly (sorry for the play on words). I couldn't picture too well how you would do it but it turned out perfect and way beyond my highest expectations. I am making extra copies for each of my brothers and sisters, I know they will love it as well. Thank you so much for this wonderful keepsake of my Dad..It means an awful lot to me. He was my hero. God has blessed me by meeting you and Dorothy and I will always be thankful for that. My most sincere best wishes to you both. Take care." ~Dave

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