Pastel Portrait from Don Howard Studios

Don Howard Studios specializes in creating that one-of-a-kind gift for ANY occasion. Employee retirement, weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. A Pastel Portrait is also an excellent way to remember those we've loved and lost.

Custom Wedding Caricature by Don Howard

 Don, Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thank You for the well wishes. The picture that you did was amazing. We had it put up at the reception and what a response we got! Your work is amazing! Thank you again! Margie

"Movin On Up" - Don Howard Custom Caricature

Don Howard 16x20-in Custom Caricature
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Let 'Em Eat Cake - Don Howard Custom Caricature

16x20-in Custom Caricature
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Don Howard Custom Caricature - Attorney Derek Simpson

This 16x20-in Custom Caricature was commissioned for 
 Attorney Simpson's birthday

Alice In Wonderland, Don Howard Custom Caricature

The Scenario:  "I am interested in a drawing for my mother's birthday. I wanted the Mad Hatter's table tea party but with all her friends as the characters. Is that possible and what would be the turn around time?  My mother would be Alice and then all her friends (mad hatter, march hare, mouse, we could add the Queen for an extra person, the two tweedle dums etc.)"

Alice In Wonderland


Median - Watercolor
Size: 18 x 24

Happy Birthday! Custom Caricature by Don Howard Studios

 I would like to have a caricature done of my dad Lawrence for his birthday.  His birthday is September 28th and turning 70.  It’s one of the big ones, so I want to give him something special.  I have seen your work before and I love it.  The last one that I saw was for a very dear friend of mine, Bennie Jacks..  You made one of her and Elvis flying on the Space Shuttle “US Graceland”.  Loved it.  So, my dad is an entrepreneur and has accomplished a lot in his life.  I have an idea of what I think it may look like but…you are the Artist.


Birthday Custom Caricature - Don Howard

Musings of the Artist: "This custom caricature was done for the 40th birthday of a very dear friend, Bro. Walter Hartley, a while back. Watercolor on Strathmore drawing paper. Also used a high quality, water-soluble colored pencil. Depending on the brand, the pencil can be used in conjunction with a brush to give it just a little kick! I have used numerous others but have a special fondness for Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils.

You too can be pictured with your favorite celebrity!

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Retirement Custom Caricature by Don Howard

 Custom Retirement Caricature by Don Howard.
Prismacolor Watercolor Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors
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Don Howard Custom Caricatures - Two Bama Fans

Oh my! I cannot thank you enough. I love it and not only about the hat but I collect elephants. Thank you so much. I am just sitting here staring at it. I can already tell that I need a second job in order for me to afford all the prints in the future. (Laughing here) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Tammy Gresham

Let The TIDE Roll!

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Don Howard Custom Caricature Gallery - Psycho Siggi and the Crazy Bunch

Don Howard Studios is not limited to just creating custom caricatures for customers in the United States--if you have a PC and a PayPal account, we can accomodiate you!

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We - that's my brother and me - would be very much interested in one of your custom caricatures as a birthday present for our father.  As for a scenario idea, we came up with the notion of having us drawn as a classic rock'n'roll band from the 50s.  Many thanks in advance,

Thomas Plischke,


Dear Dorothy,
First of all let me thank you and Howard again for the great job you two did. It's a fantastic caricature and turned out just great!  Siegbert was very happy (and very amused) by the caricature and therefore asked us to pass on his warmest thanks and regards to you as well.

Many thanks again,
Ole (on behalf of Thomas, Volker und Siegbert as well)

Don Howard does Star Wars

THE REQUESTHi, I was interested in a farewell picture that would be 6 faces of real people standing in for the original Star Wars characters sitting in the Millenium Falcon cockpit.  With the increased difficulty level on that, could you let me know what that would cost for a 16X20?
Thanks - love your work!!

May the FORCE be with you!

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Don Howard Custom Caricatures - Dave Schnell

The following is a testimonial from Don's A #1 Fan, Dave Schnell, in Amherst, NY. 

Dave commissioned Don to draw a Custom Caricature of his father, Richard Schnell, who was a WWII POW in one of the Stalag Lufts in Europe.

"Don, the caricature of my Dad came today and you did a fantastic job as always..I love the work, you "captured" him perfectly (sorry for the play on words). I couldn't picture too well how you would do it but it turned out perfect and way beyond my highest expectations. I am making extra copies for each of my brothers and sisters, I know they will love it as well. Thank you so much for this wonderful keepsake of my Dad..It means an awful lot to me. He was my hero. God has blessed me by meeting you and Dorothy and I will always be thankful for that. My most sincere best wishes to you both. Take care." ~Dave